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and a little bit of history

I've always loved baking for my friends and family. It's so fulfilling to see their eyes light up as they take in every tiny detail of a beautiful cake. Or watch tears of laughter roll down their face at a completely ridiculous design.

​Over the years, I've enjoyed the challenges of baking for my loved ones here in Yorkshire. They would tell me "You should do this for a living!" but being a custom cake maker seemed an impossible dream.

A roaringly good cake


In May 2020 I baked the cake that changed it all. One of my closest friends needed a boost. I had to bake something truly outrageous for her birthday. Something guaranteed to lift her mood, even for a moment.

We had both recently watched the Netflix documentary 'Tiger King' and found it hilarious. So I created the most horrific Joe Exotic cake I could imagine. Complete with orange, black and white marbled sponge, fondant facial features, eyebrow ring and buttercream mullet.

The cake went down as expected, with fits of hysterical laughter all round. Job done!

​After posting my creation to Facebook, interest snowballed into 10,000 likes and more than 1,500 comments. A few days later my cake was splashed across the press, from York to the USA!

Taking the leap to custom cake maker

At this point, I figured that maybe my friends were right...

Having then been asked to bake for a close friends wedding in June 2021, I found my footing in the wedding industry. Creating one of the most important cakes for my friends special day was such an honor and privilege. I now get to work alongside some of the best in the industry creating everything from the simple and rustic, to the most outrageous and 'out there' designs! 


​I run Valkyrie Cakes from my home in the lovely village of Bishopthorpe near York in the heart of Yorkshire. I live with my partner, Adam, my two daughters and my stepson.

​I hope to bake for you soon.

Much love. Tasha x

Celebration cake yorkshire.jpg
Til death do us part.jpg

My Tiger King Joe Exotic cake

Here is my infamous Joe Exotic cake in all his glory, with Mel on her birthday in 2020.

​My cake decorating skills have come on rather a lot since I created this horrific masterpiece!

Why 'Valkyrie Cakes'?

When I decided to start my custom cake business in June 2020, I wanted a name that stood out. York is on our doorstep, packed with Viking heritage from the JORVIK Viking Centre to the Valhalla bar.


In Norse mythology, a Valkyrie ('chooser of the slain') was depicted as a warrior woman on horseback who would whisk the souls of the slain from the battlefield to Odin’s Hall of Heroes, Valhalla. And what could be more heavenly than cake?


A huge thanks to my talented partner Adam for coming up with the striking Valkyrie Cakes logo.

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