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Please. Don't let your wedding cake die a death in a dimly lit corner.
Put that cake on show!

Whether you're going for a rustic vibe and need something like the many natural wood slices I stock. Or something a bit more modern, and almost 'industrial', like the hair pin stands. Fancy a timeless classic, like my solid milk glass pedestal stands. A cupcake tower? Or maybe you want some of your cake tiers to literally float! I've got you covered!

Cake Stand Hire

OK. So you've booked your venue, thought long and hard about your perfect wedding cake.

How are you displaying it?

It's a point that is often overlooked during wedding planning, but it shouldn't be!

You've spent all this money on one of the most important cakes you will ever buy in your lifetime, and often it just gets shoved in a dark corner on an ancient silver cake stand that's probably older than your parents

(excuse my bias, I have a personal vendetta against these stands).

Most venues do supply cake stands, and some really are lovely. Some... not so much!

12in White Pedestal Stand.jpg

Pedestal Stands

NEW FOR 2024!!

12" White Solid Glass

12" Black Solid Glass

Hire from £35 for 3 days

£85 returnable deposit

12in Black Pedestal Stand.jpg

Wood Slices

All my wood slices are locally sourced.

14" or 16" Available

Hire from £10 for 3 days

£25 returnable deposit.

Hair Pin Stands

14" Black Acrylic with Black/Gold legs

14" White Acrylic with Rose Gold legs

16" Oak with Black Legs

Hire from £35 for 3 days

£75 returnable deposit (14")

£100 returnable deposit (16")

Cupcake/Cake Stand

Make your tempting treats the centerpiece of any celebration with this contemporary and stylish tiered cupcake stand.

Plate sizes: 16", 14", 12", 10", 8", 6", & 4"


Hire from £35 for 3 days

£100 returnable deposit

Floating Stands

Made using high-quality, food-safe stainless steel, this cake spacer offers the perfect way to add height and a touch of illusion to your cake with its gravity-defying abilities!


Hire from £25 for 3 days

£80 returnable deposit

14in Acacia Marble.jpg

Acacia & Marble

Made from solid Acacia wood and an hourglass Italian white marble base, this is the sturdiest, and heaviest, stand in my collection! Size 14"

Hire from £35 for 3 days

£100 returnable deposit

Terms & Conditions

Cake stand will be delivered to your venue with your cake. A suitable storage box will also be left at the venue. The stand should be cleaned with a damp cloth and stored in the box after use to prevent risk of damage. Cake stand is to be returned to Valkyrie Cakes (address above) by your ‘return date’. Your deposit will be returned in full via BACS upon receipt of the cake stand in acceptable condition. Deductions to your deposit will be made to cover any losses/damages to the cake stand. A charge of £10 per day will also be deducted for late returns.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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